It was an amazing learning experience to have the opportunity to observe you working with kids. It was a live illustration of all the essentials of this work. All families are reporting back ‘for the first time ever’ progress about their kids. Cagatay, Fahed, Ece, Carla and Sera are all doing amazing.

Dennis, ABM Practitioner (Istanbul), 2018

You did not even wave a magic wand. I don’t understand how this passive laying down can change something in the brain. For the first time since I was 13 and till almost 40 years old I managed to imagine that black is remaining black not depanding on the scale and distance to the eyes.…

Elena, myopia

Last week Julia started trying to sit up like you showed to her, leaning to the right to her elbow. And for last two days she is rolling over to her belly all by herself without my help. Thank you.

Julia (6,5), traumatic brain injury

We had the lessons with Angelina. The impressions are wonderful. Angelina worked with my daughter careful and gentle. She gave me as the mother many recomendations. After the course I look at Dariana with different eyes. And she is more attentive and talkative.

Dariana, 2016

Angelina found good connection with my son, he was not crying but playing. He shows more experimenting with movements and it brings pleasure to him. He understood that doing something by himself is more interesting than when others are doing it for you. After the third lesson he rolled over all by himself! Angelina gave…

Timothy, 3 years old

J.R. is the favourite teacher of my son. They are friends. J.R. is a good psychologist and delicate person. He always finds connection with Andrew. Gradual and subtle J.R. leads him from simple to more sophisticated movements, and Andrew feels his new levels, his potential and upgrades his self confidence. It gives incredibly good results…

Julia, mom of Andrew (9), lessons 2015-2018.

Talking to my daugther on weekend by phone. For my question “How are you?” instead of her traditional “as usual” or “bad” for the first time she replied “I am doing fine”. After 10 lessons with J.R.

Alla, stroke victim

I noticed that after the lessons my back pain disappears, which used to be constant and usual thing, my head is clearer. My husband says that I come home peaceful. I understand better what elements some movements consist of.

Lida, group lessons, 2014

Vasilisa never used her left arm before, it was tightly closed and bent in the elbow close to the chest (most of the time). After 5 lessons with J.R. she has a arm support with her left arm with the open hand. And she was playing with the sand today using her left hand. What…

Vasilisa, 2015

Thanks to J.R. my son is swallowing food easier. Earlier it took 1 hour to feed him, now it takes only 15 minutes. He “talks” more, is more emotional, more responsive. He is more confident to be by his own. He can sit now with arm support, it was not available before. He is moving…

Kuzya (8,5 years old), 2015

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