JR has been working with our 4 yr old son, Brooks, in ABM therapy for about 8 months, averaging 5 times per month. Brooks has quad spastic cerebral palsy, is currently non mobile, non verbal, has a seizure disorder, and several disabilities.

We have been so impressed at our son’s responsiveness to JR in therapy. Brooks usually has several meltdowns in traditional PT. But from the first lesson with JR, Brooks has been calm, cooperative and receptive. We’ve seen Brooks become more aware of his body and gain better control of his movement. JR is so encouraging and patient with Brooks. The many small movements he does each lesson are giving Brooks better quality of life and independence. It’s remarkable.

Brooks recently had an EEG at the hospital. Our follow up visits with neurology are usually pretty discouraging as they describe the erratic discharges and seizure activity in our son’s brain with phrases like “his brain looks like it’s on fire”. During our follow up visit last week, our neurologist said the EEG now shows that Brooks’s brain is communicating better with itself and across both sides, and is sending clearer signals! There were less discharges and less seizure activity. His sleep pattern was deeper. Our neurologist agreed that ABM therapy is improving our son’s brain/body connection. He noted less spasticity in the legs and arms. He said Brooks is doing great and encouraged us to continue with ABM. We could not be more pleased and hopeful!”

Brooks (mom Sheila)