My husband has a stroke in April 2020 leaving him with little movement in the right arm and some movement on the right leg so that he can walk with a tripod cane.

We began our times with Angelina and JR in February 2022. First we were very impressed with their knowledge of neuromovement and their manner with working with Paul. We came every other weekend (driving 2 hours and staying the weekend), six sessions, two a day for three days – JR in the AM and Angelina in the PM. After four weekends we took a month or so off and began again, at their suggestion.

After almost a year, we are seeing them about once a month. It is great having two different perspectives seeing Paul as they work together on his therapy. The biggest improvement that we have seen is his flexibility, his flow, in movement. Instead of being a stiff block trying to move, walk, etc, he is much more smooth. Getting out of bed is no longer a struggle. Picking things up off the floor is amazing. We are so thankful to have found them!

Paul and Sally