In Neuromovement the Practitioner is called the Teacher and the Client is called the Student. The session we call a lesson. What do we teach? What do you learn?

Neuromovement – is a continuous dialog of two nervous systems, the teacher and the student. We don’t know the answers before we touch you or observe how you move, how you breath, how you interact.

The lesson is built on the student’s responses and feelings throughout the lesson. The teacher carefully observes and feels the students movements and interactions and makes the next move based on the students previous move. Sometimes it looks like a beautiful dance.

During and after the lesson your nervous system finds the answers by itself as the brain is a self-organising system if provided certain conditions. We provide you these conditions that our teacher and mentor Anat Baniel calls the 9 Essentials.

As a result it leads to easier and more efficient movements, better posture, helps to overcome discomfort, pain, small and sometimes profound limitations. It helps to improve the breathing, vision, memory, creativity and emotional balance.  

We use our touch, self positioning, body mechanics, observation, and our sensations to perceive the differences in you and to help you to perceive the differences between one state and another, the connection between one body part and another, the difference between movement with effort or movement with ease at different levels of complexity.

We consider all the aspects of your posture, movements, speech, vision, emotions, breathing, comfort, ease of changing the positions, your choices and preferences to find better path for your growth.

This unique method was created by our teacher Anat Baniel, which evolved
out of Anat Baniel’s several decades of breakthrough work with adults and with children with special needs, her background in clinical psychology, and her experience as Moshé Feldenkrais’ closest student, long-time professional colleague and traveling assistant. You can find more information here:

The Anat Baniel Method has two modalities: group movement lessons and one-on-one sessions. You can tell us about your interest by filling in the contact form.

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